Airy Lip Mousse In Mauvemellow

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Luxcrime Airy Lip Mousse in Mauvemellow

“A classy rosy mauve, to perfect any look”

Shade Description:

Mauvemellow - muted purplish pink

Luxcrime airy lip mousse is a lip product that smells, tastes, and feels like ACTUAL DESSERT as if you're eating chocolate mousse while applying. 

The first locally made product with hydrating formulas and featherweight textures that you’ll barely feel even after 5 layers/coats as it dries to a comfy, soft-matte finish. 


*Lightweight & soft matte (up to 5 layers)

*Smooth application, does not accentuate dry lips

*UV protection (Titanium Dioxide) & nourishing (Vit E)

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Airy Lip Mousse In Mauvemellow

Airy Lip Mousse In Mauvemellow

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